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Sunday, September 11, 2011

It's 9/11 Again.

September 11, 2001 - September 11, 2011
God Bless America.

I was telling NJ tonight, that I want to recognize and honor the events of 9/11 and all of whom and what were lost that day.  But it still hurts too damn much.  So I will watch, and remember, and cry and pray. 

I hope you do, too.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Corporate Greed 1, UT Fans 0

(Stay tuned for another rant...)

Hey, I was a business major.   I understand the predicament that UT/Longhorn Network/ESPN/anybody else are in.  Every business needs to make money---yours, mine, Apple, universities, cable companies; I get it.

What I don't get is how all of the shareholders in the UT television debacle can overlook the tremendous public relations blunders that are being made.  It appears to me to have become a finger-pointing mess, everybody's blaming someone else.  I spent some time yesterday phoning Time-Warner Cable (good luck getting a human being on the phone at all), and emailing the Longhorn Network.  Bottom line is I didn't get anywhere.

Here's what I understand is happening.  Longhorn Network/ESPN wants to provide UT games to Austinites, but they want a portion of cents on the dollar of everyone's Time Warner bill.  Time Warner doesn't want to give up that revenue.  (Hell, at this point, I'd pay per view.  I don't care, I just want to see the game.) One of these entities needs to be the good guy, make a concession or two for the sake of their customers---us. Then blast their "good guy attitude" all over the state.  But greed is getting in the way.  So they're at a stalemate.  And we are caught in the middle.

So, in view of this stand-off, we went to watch the game at a sports bar---it's name is omitted so that Chris Plonsky can't come after them (or me).  Love her, but don't want her mad at me. Great, great place to watch football.  We could see three different games at once, and by UT game time, the place was packed.  Here's the problem.  It appeared that the game was pirated from Grande Communications, and the reception was terrible.  Really.  Terrible.  For every completed play we saw, we missed a play. 

Now I'm not blaming the establishment at all (see paragraph #1).  They capitalized on their situation and did whatever they could to meet the demand of their customers.  And by the way, their food is very good.  Service was even better.

My point is that they shouldn't have to pirate the game...and...we're back to square one.

Friday, August 5, 2011

An Open Letter to Warren Jeffs

Dear Warren:

I doubt you'll ever read this...but if you do stumble upon this blog while you're in the joint, I hope you'll stop long enough to read what I have to say.

You must be crazy, dude.  And I'm not saying "crazy" like my Aunt Celeste who thought she was married to that television star on "The F.B.I." (and she'd get all dressed up on Friday night because she thought he could see her through the tv), or "crazy" like when my dog chases her tail for 15 minutes until she's almost vomity, or even "crazy" like what NJ calls me when he thinks I've pulled another Lucy Ricardo.

Nope, you're way crazy-er than all that.  What in the hell made you think you are a prophet anyway?

Ok, so I don't belong to the FLDS, or the LDS or any of those initial churches.  I'm a Presbyterian, and my impression of the Presbyterian philosophy is pretty much live and let live.  Actually, I kinda embrace all religions.  We've got Buddhas here at the house and crosses blessed by the Pope, and Chinese Fu Dogs, and tons of evil eyes...and I think there's just one God, and we all worship Him, no matter what we call him.  Except you guys, I think maybe you've worshipped yourselves off the deep end to downright creepy.

I'll be damned if I've ever heard of any religion where you can just pick out a 12 year old girl to marry. And to have sex with that poor meek child is revolting, capitol R.  That's a whole new category of weird, man.

So, I hope and pray that all your women in the strange pastel prairie dresses and all that funky hair start packing up and getting the hell out of El Dorado tonight. (Girls, go to the Walmart and get yourselves some makeup and lipstick and some decent clothes, til you can get to a real department store.  You all have a lot of living to do.  And screw that submissiveness bs.)

One more thing, Warren.  I suggest you hit your knees tonight and start begging our God for forgiveness, because the way I see it, you've got a one way ticket to Hell, bud.

Whoops, one more thing Warren.  Don't Mess with Texas, idiot.

With utmost sincerety,

Monday, July 25, 2011

My Summer Vacation by Toni Luttrell

A friend and her family went to Hawaii for a week.  This is the view from her room...

If I'm really lucky, my view will be from the Sonic Drive-In up the street.  I hate summer.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bipolar Disorder Takes Another one...

Jim Morrison was one, so was Jimi Hendrix, and Janis Joplin, and Kurt Cobain, and Amy Winehouse.  They were all 27 year olds, true.  But moreover, they were all musical geniuses, and Bipolar.

Amy Winehouse said:
"I am my own worst enemy. The interviewer tried to correct her and said you mean you are your own worst critic. Amy looked at him and said, no I am my own worst enemy."

amy-winehouse.jpg image by toniluttrell4 

She was diagnosed as being manic-depressive, but refused to take her medication because she thought it stiffled her creativity.  I understand that.  The problem is that the alternative is a cycle of self-medication that eventually kills.  I have no doubt that it's what happened with Amy, she was just trying to feel "normal". And now another talent is taken from us.

When is the world going to wake up to what continues to be a very prevalent disease in this society?  A killer disease in this society.

Fortunately, a whole lot of people accept their diagnoses, take their medications, and get on with their lives, thank God.  Carrie Fischer, Jane Pauley, Robert Downey Jr. (finally)----and a whole bunch of non-famous people you know personally.  You, more likely than not, know some, work with some, play golf with some, and love some.

The one thing you should take from this lesson is that Bipolar Disorder CAN be treated, there are people living (successfully) with it every single day.

Lecture's over.  For now.  Until some other talented person dies.  And I keep asking the question.

Friday, July 8, 2011